Welcome to Black Birthing Story-Making!

In partnership with the Washington Department of Health, JSOL Studios,The Black Birth Collective and Stephaine Courtney from the Learning Project Network we are inviting you to uncover and create your own Black Birthing Story. We invite you to jump in, listen in and reflect as a Black Birthing village member.

  • What comes up for you?
  • What are dreams and aspirations? What brings you joy?
  • What are stories you wish to re-write, re-make, re-tell?
  • What are  

During our time of reflection, we would love for you to share your thoughts around what should Black Birth Equity funding priorities be our State of Washington for the Black Birthing Community.

If you identify as a Black Birthing Community member we invite you to click here to access a survey further exploring this space. You will receive a $50 gift certificate upon receiving your input. Thank YOU!