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Our programs are centered around experiencing joy, healing and practicing wellcare (self-care and wellness)- all steeped in ancestral healing practices. We offer 1:1 private coaching sessions, family group coaching sessions and if you are part of an organization dedicated to investing in your family’s emotional wellbeing, consider bringing our signature SELO Kit’n Grow program to your organization. Learn more about each program below and connect with us for more information!

Private Family Coaching (1:1)

During our private session, we establish a joint definition of your family’s vision of wellbeing. We dive into  each family member’s (particularly the caregivers’) value around health, wellness and ancestral healing.

We create a family wellcare (self-care and wellness) plan and journey for 1-3 months based on family’s joint desired goals. We also encourage you to join our semi-private group coaching to gain community insight and support along your journey.

JSOL Studios
JSOL Studios

Group family coaching (1:5)

Much like the healing power of nature, our small  group sessions are for families who seek anchoring and communion with like minded families around their ancestral journey towards healing and wellness.  This is the perfect next step for a family who desires additional support along with their 1:1 private coaching session.

This is also the ideal first step for a family who seeks wellcare rooting with other Black and Brown families and community before deepening their 1:1 private journey.